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What is soft furnishing?
Added on Tue, 01 Mar 2011 16:29:12 +0100 by Ayokunle Akinboboye (Super Administrator)

What is soft furnishing?

According to wikipedia, soft furnishing is the art and science of beautifying a space to enhance both the aesthetic and functional uses of that space. Interior decoration would not be complete without soft furnishing as the space would be hard and noisy (bet you didn’t know that fabrics absorb noise and make it easy for us to live in our homes)

Soft furnishing does for a house what clothes do for our bodies. It adds colour, texture, softness and elegance (read style) to our individual spaces, helping to cover the design and building flaws as well as enhancing the unique features of the structure as well.

Put differently, soft furnishing refers to every decoration in our homes that has some sort of fabric in it. Yes, you guessed it, fabric is a huge part of soft furnishing and fabric in this sense goes beyond the traditional ones used to make curtains, cushions, valances, tie-backs, sofas etc to include and embrace rugs, paintings, mattresses, canvass, table clothes&napkins, vinyl, etc. Additionally, there are smaller items called passementere, which are the trims and braids that decorate the fabrics we use on the drapes, blinds, curtains, cushions, sofas (leather and fabric), beds and throws. All of these and more make up soft furnishing.

So, tell me where your home will be soft furnishing?

In spite of the huge investment in constructing a house, marbling the floor, putting P.O.P, screeding, painting the house, etc, the house is incomplete without soft furnishing. So, it is correct to say that soft furnishing completes a home.

Our homes reflect our personalities, taste and lifestyle and nothing does this more effectively than soft furnishing that is why two siblings born to the same family grow up and have two differently styled homes even if the structures were identical.
Soft furnishings come in a variety of styles. It is not a one-style-fits-all affair. So, you have to be careful and dream a little when making choices.

Apart from the obvious which is that soft furnishing should be pleasing to the eye (ever seen anything soft that ain’t good to look at?) it should also be functional, it should add character and mood to any space where it has been installed but as a rule, do ensure that the soft furnishing does not overpower nor become the focal point of the room (or the architect will not like you very much for distorting his design elements)

Soft furnishing should always enhance not distract nor reduce a space in any way. What you need is a comfortable home that offers a relaxed and peaceful setting irrespective of the styling -a haven you can return to after the day’s hustle and bustle and that is precisely what you are paying for and that is what you should get.

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